at Cornell University


Dear visitor,

the purpose of this blog is double or maybe even triple. Let me tell you them.

First, I would like to create a space dedicated to document all the information that could be useful for me the next ten months while I am going to stay in Ithaca, at Cornell University. These pieces of information could be helpful to others also, as more than certainly I will have to fill out administrative forms, open a bank account, get a mobile phone, discover the campus and all on. 

Second, I decided to take a picture every day and post it, no matter how boring or  annoying was the day. I consider this decision as a challenge to live my next period of life with widely opened eyes, feeling the place and thinking of the happenings around me. I am sure that no matter where we live, there are tremendous inspirations around us, but we have to notice them.

Third, I do not wish to reveal my identity, even if it is more than difficult in a globalized world. Anyway, this is not the place to involve others, even if happily I am not alone in this world.

Peace and love!


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