at Cornell University

The Search for Coffee

This is a copy-pasted post from,_no_problem/, written by Haley Davis that could be helpful to me when I will be in Ithaca in search of coffee.

A great cup of coffee

Taste Test for Yourself

Which will be your favorite?

This morning while getting ready for work, I was struck by the familiar and intense need for caffeine. Having never been one to plan ahead, I never leave myself with enough time to make coffee. Luckily, there are countless great places to get caffeine in Ithaca, even some decent places on campus. With the fall semester looming ever closer, I think it’s about time to list my top places to get coffee around here.

  1. The Shop. Located right in the Commons (and 5 minutes from my house), this tattoo parlor/venue/coffee place is the perfect combination of what makes great coffee shops great: good coffee and good atmosphere. They have poetry readings and live music often too. This is where I ran to this morning for the best latte in town. Now I want a refill.
  2. Gimme! Coffee. Gimme! is an Ithacan favorite. With at least three locations close to the Commons, it’s convenient and sustainable!
  3. Collegetown Bagels. CTB is great for many things, one of them being their coffee. They always have fun seasonal choices too, so be sure to check out their selection of specialty drinks around Halloween.
  4. Stella’s. If you’re around Collegetown and need caffeine, definitely stop in to the cafe section of Stella’s. They have a great selection of hot drinks, with interesting combinations like “The Obama,” one of the ingredients being hope. Who doesn’t want some of that?
  5. Peggy Ryan Williams Center. Okay, not the best coffee, but it’s free! They have hot chocolate and some teas too. There’s always La Vincita in the pub (aka IC Square) too, which has a ton of different drinks made with Starbucks coffee.

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