at Cornell University

Road trip – first day

My trip started a little interesting. First, I missed my bus because my body said no to my attempt to sleep only two hours, which would have been the continuum of a row of little sleeps. After waking up, I realized that I would arrive in New York in the afternoon, and not in the morning, so I quickly had to make new plans for the day.

When I arrived in New York, I first dropped my baggage at the youth hostel. Then, I ate a sandwich and headed to the Hungarian pastry shop, which is located just a few minutes from the hostel. My choice went to a poppy-seed roll, and as it was nice outside, I spent a few minutes just watching people doing their Saturday routine walk. The pastry was good enough, but a little bit too sweet for me.

Filled with energy, I opted to go to see the High Line Park, about what, and that was a surprise, the receptionist in the hostel did not know. Walking through this line gave me another perspective of New York and its architecture. This is a nice spot for locals to walk around, to have a coffee or to just read a book in one of the chairs and enjoy the sunny days. It has a bit of the atmosphere of Parisian parks and cafes.

I ended my day in a fancy lounge with friends who live right now in New York. I have to admit that one thing Americans can do is cocktail-making/shaking. So far, I only had a few cocktails in New York and in Ithaca, but every single one was way better – and cheaper, or at the same price -, than in Paris. Last night’s cocktail was definitely my best so far. (O.k., the one we had in Miami was a tourist trap, but let’s forget about it.)

Once the cocktail finished, we went to see the view from the rooftop of the building of my friends. That’s something you only can see from rooftop lounges, or if you are lucky enough, as I was, to have friends you rent an apartment in a building, which has a rooftop.


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